In-House Therapy

Riverways Manor uses Health Facilities Rehab for In-House Therapy. A team dedicated to restoring each patient's function to maximum physical and social independence in a considerate and professional manner. Health Facilities Rehab strives to follow strict ethical standards putting their patients well being in the forefront of their priorities.

Physical Therapy:

Fall Risk Management

Therapeutic Exercise

Gait training

Manual therapy

Back education
Occupational Therapy:

Funtional Mobility

Hand Therapy
Speech Therapy:





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Riverways Manor Staff & Family,

Thank you so very much for your loving & tender care for Betty during her journey home; we do appreciate you all!

Thank you too for all the ways you continue to care for Wayne as he journeys through this next chapter of his life without his beloved! He loves you all and we are at peace with all the love & care you provide.


Nate & Jackie Johnson
--- Card of Thanks Nate & Jackie Johnson