Financial Options

How does Medicaid work?

  • Medicaid will cover Room and Board in a Skilled Nursing Facility.
  • Medicaid does require patients to pay a resource amount based on income.
  • Medicaid will cover most prescriptions if no other source of payment is available.
  • Medicaid has income limits and guidelines that must be met.
  • For more information about how Medicaid works call us at 573-323-4282.
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Frequent Medicare Questions:

  • Does Medicare cover nursing care?
  • Yes! Medicare Part A may cover short-term nursing care.
  • What are the guidelines for a Medicare Part A stay in a nursing home?
  • An acute hospital stay of at least three days (counted at midnight).
  • Admission at Riverways Manor within 30 days of discharge from the hospital or within 30 days of a previous Medicare covered nursing care stay.
  • Doctor's certification of a requirement for skilled service provided by Riverways Manor by a licensed nurse or therapist, following your hospital stay.
  • What services are covered by a Medicare Part A stay at Riverways Manor?
    1. Room and Board
    2. Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy
    3. IV's
    4. Complex Medical Equipment
    5. X-ray/EKG
    6. Pharmacy
    7. Oxygen
    8. Lab Services
    9. Medical Supplies
    10. How does Medicare Part A work?
  • Medicare will cover up to 100 days of a Riverways Manor skilled nursing stay.
  • Medicare pays 100% of the first 20 days. It is important to know that this has to be certified by a doctor, and realize that there is the possibility that your rehabilitation could require longer than 100 days.
  • From days 21-100, Medicare will pay a substantial portion of the cost of your covered services and supplies.
  • There will be a co-ins portion for days 21-100, which may be covered by a supplemental insurance policy or Medicaid; otherwise it will be due privately.
  • The home! After you receive the rest and rehabilitation offered at Riverways Manor, you can complete your journey by returning home and living independently.
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Private Pay Room Rates

Semi-Private $163/day

Private $168/day

*Riverways Manor is a Non-Smoking Facility*