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Our wonderful staff is here to help you and your family during your time of need. We strive to make every individual feel welcome and at home as much as possible.

Our Administrator Angela Long,  LNHA has been with Riverways Manor for over 9 years. Angela worked as a NA, CNA, and Office Manager for 5 years before becoming the Administrator.  Angela has a big heart, boundless compassion and a deep understanding for the needs of others. She truly believes in the importance of community involvement, and bringing generations together.  She views every day as another opportunity to help her residents and does so with tremendous pride. She listens to what the residents need and want and helps the residents to reach their goals and dreams. She visits with the resident's to see if there is anything else we can do to make their stay here more enjoyable. She oversees every aspect of care for the residents at Riverways Manor.

Our Director of Nursing Donna Norviel, RN first started at Riverways Manor in 1979 as a CNA and has worked with us off and on ever since.  Donna has over 41 years of nursing experience with a large majority of that time being spent in LTC.  Donna has worked in multiple roles as a Director of Nurses in other facilities and has a high morale standing of what she expects from her nursing staff.  Donna has made it a top priority to ensure every resident feels at home and is treated with respect and dignity.  She oversees personal care, communicates with physicians and helps family members decide the best plan of care for their loved one.  

Our Social Services Director Carol Moran has been with Riverways Manor for over 6 years. She has worked in Laundry, Dietary, Activities, Social Services, Office Assistant and is now the Social Services Director.  She is the Admissions coordinator and discharge planner making sure from start to finish every resident receives the care they need. She is a "personal assistant" for every resident making sure all doctor's appointments are scheduled, travel arrangements are made and every resident has an escort. She personally interviews each resident to see if there is something more we can do to ensure their stay is comfortable. She is the "eyes and ears" of every resident communicating their needs and wants when they can't, writing letters and making phone calls on their behalf.

Our Office Manager Adrianne Allen has been with Riverways Manor for over 20 years. Adrianne has worked as a CNA, RNA, Social Services Director and is now the Office Manager.  Adrianne is the financial coordinator and can assist with any financial needs or questions.  She can also assist with completing an application for Medicaid if needed.  She can assist in understanding any billing statements a resident receives, assisting with Social Services, and many other financial situations.  Call Adrianne for any financial questions you may have.  

Our Infection Control Preventionist, Melissa King, LPN has been with Riverways Manor for over 7 years, she started at our facility as a CNA while she pursued her LPN license.  Melissa is dedicated to keeping infections low, and preventing the spread of illness as much as possible.  Melissa has been the right hand of the Director of Nursing for the last 4 years and has a deep understanding of state compliance.  Melissa also works as a charge nurse, med tech, and CNA when times require her to do so.  She has extensive skills in proper training of nursing staff, infection control follow up, and oversees our Quality Assurance Program.

Our MDS coordinator, Sabrina Kinnamore, LPN has been with Riverways Manor for over 8 years.  Sabrina first started at our facility as a NA, working her way to CNA and later becoming one of our LPN’s.  Sabrina coordinates the plan of care for each resident and communicates that information with the staff.  Sabrina works directly with Therapy, the Director of Nursing, the Nursing Staff, and the billing department to ensure that each resident gets as much help as possible to return to a higher level of functioning.  Sabrina also works with the family and resident providing a comprehensive Care Plan which not only meets the needs of each resident but also reflects each residents personal goals for their best quality of life.

Our Certified Dietary Manager, Ashly Allred, CDM has been with Riverways manor for over 10 years.  Ashly has a background in culinary arts and has attended a very prestigious culinary school.  Ashly takes great pride in ensuring the food provided not only meets nutritional value standards but also tastes delicious.  Ashly is beloved by the residents for her stylish attire while preparing delicious meals.  Ashly also works directly with our Registered Dietician and Speech Pathologist to address any weight concerns our residents may be experiencing.  Ashly is always creating masterpieces with her desserts or party event snacks, check them out on facebook.

Our Housekeeping Supervisor, Stacy Conner, has been with Riverways for over 9 years.  She first started as a weekend aide in Dietary,  Housekeeping, and Laundry, working her way up to the head of this department.  Stacy is a part of our Infection Prevention team working diligently to ensure that sanitation is a big defense against the spread of infection.  Stacy also oversees our room changes and the cleanliness of the entire facility.  Stacy accepts nothing other than excellence from her team in order to ensure the residents have a safe and clean environment.

Our Laundry Supervisor, Emily White, has been with Riverways for over 1 year.  She has worked as a cook, Housekeeper, Laundry aide, and Nurse Aide.  Emily ensures her department offers clean fresh linens for every resident daily.  She is wonderful at attention to detail and helps out in every area of the building when needed.  .  

Our Maintenance Director Ken Cowin has been with Riverways Manor for over 5 years and came to us with an abundance of previous LTC Maintenance Supervision.  Ken is called ”Mr. Fix It” by most of our Residents and they always rave about how prompt he is to handle their “honey-do”  lists.  Ken works directly with Housekeeping and Nursing to ensure that equipment is fixed or replaced and the residents personal requests are being addressed.  

Our Therapy department is provided by Health Facilities Rehab, however we consider them a part of our staff.  Jennifer Robertson has been with our organization for over 25 years, and has spent all of that time as an Occupational Therapy Assistant at Riverways Manor.  Jennifer is compassionate for our residents who need to achieve a higher level fo functioning and encourages them to have persistent effort to reach their goals. Terra Martin has been with our organization for over 12 years, working at Riverways Manor daily as our Physical Therapy Assistant.  Terra has a ”you can do it” approach to helping our residents achieve their therapy goals.  Both Jennifer and Terra are staples within our home.    Our Speech Pathologist, Kristi Hadder-Tatum has been with our organization for 1 year.  Kristi doesn’t visit our facility daily, unless our residents needs require her to do so, but her visits are always welcomed.  Kristi works directly with the registered Dietician and our CDM to ensure each resident is getting proper nutrition and all of their needs are met.